Why Skopje ?

One should come in Skopje with the same purpose one travels to any other capital in the world: to see what is not to be seen in any other place Rome or London, Paris or Cairo, Moscow or Washington have a variety of things to offer, but in many ways are similar to one another. One should come in Skopje there to see something new and unique!


In addition to the things that make it specific, every city has features common to all cities. The idea of the city is defined in its function: Comodis humanis inservire! (To make life more comfortable!)

Other than the wish to discover what you do not know, you plan travels to cities where you have not been also with the intention to compare the common value distinguishing the city: prices, accommodation, food, pastimes, cultural city, its individual soul, the second is detecting the traces of urban history as a common ground constituting the universal quality of all cities. Thus, a cultural person follows Kierkegaard’s instructions pertaining to the value of the individual in all the complexity of the social, and Hegel’s advice on seeing common destiny in the fragmentariness of the individual.

The capital city of Macedonia ,Skopje, represents a synthesis of traditional old buildings and modem edifices. Experience and indulge yourselves in the blend of oriental and European flavors, the exotic smells of the East and the subtle ones from the West. .. Explore the Old Bazaar which represents a remarkable museum under the open sky, the medieval Daut Pasha Hamam and Kurshumli An (Leaded Caravanserai), the stone ramparts of the Fortress in Skopje, the Memorial House devoted to the kindhearted Mother Theresa born in Skopje. Experience the humanism, energy and love that flow from this breathtaking place.

Today this city is being reconstructed with excellent architecture and culture ranging from historic mosques to fashionable bars, quality hotels and remarkable cultural and night life. You can check our map and travel advices.

A visit to Macedonia is a story worth experiencing and narrating. There are numerous other reasons why Skopje and Macedonia have always been and why they shall remain a source of spiritual and cultural initiatives worldwide. All you need to do is open the casket that preserves the secrets of Macedonia ... the country because of which the world is a better and more beautiful place ...

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