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You can travel to Skopje by train, bus or by plane. Trains are connecting  Skopje to Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Athens and to Ljubljana. The express route Vienna-Thessaloniki passes through Skopje twice daily, once going to Thessaloniki and second time returning to Vienna, passing though Belgrade and Ljubljana.

Buses connect Skopje to  Sophia, Tirana, Pristina, Belgrade, Nish, Istanbul, Ljubljana and others. A bus to the other city in Macedonia is at every 1-2 hours, while international are once or twice a day.

The Skopje railway and bus  station is 15 min walking from the main city square. Get InnSkopje is just 0.8 km away from bus and train station, or easily you can take a taxi which will cost you less than 2 euro. You can find taxi on every corner of the city.

Skopje is served by the Skopje airport - Alexander The Great (SKP) in Petrovec, 17 km east of Skopje. Skopje Airport was fully reconstructed few years ago. You can contact us and we will organize an airport taxi pickup for 20 euros. There is also bus line that goes to the center of Skopje and nearly Get Inn Skopje Hostel

Skopje is accessed by E-75 highway from Athens and Belgrade and E-65 from Pristina, E-871 linking with E-75 from Sophia and E-852 linking with E-65 from Tirana.

Walking distance form Get Inn Skopje hostel to the center of the city is 0.5 km or 5 min walking. You can check directions from any location to our hostel under the Skopje map

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